“You don’t look crazy”

“Oh uhm, wow, thanks?”

How am I supposed to look?


9 thoughts on “Huh?

      • Haha, I am not sure what the neighbours are up to, they closed their blinds. Maybe they could see me better than I thought.
        I don’t like other people calling me (or anyone else who has mental health problems) crazy but I feel like I can call myself that. I am goofy too, haha 🙂

      • lol, you need blinds with a pair of eyes on them when you close them… that will get them going.

        goofy is good. it means you are fun to be with.

        hey wait, how do you know their blinds are closed. lol

      • Either their blinds are closed or they have laminated their windows in horizontal strips, haha. My window is a sort of frosted texture so when I close it, I can’t see out and no one can see in. Poor girl’s tinted windows? Anyway night time is their prime time for suspicious window gatherings so maybe later something interesting might happen. Ugh, I really am the creeper in all of this!

  1. wonder whats worse, this … or telling a stranger: “whats wrong with your eyes … you look all … crazy!?!”
    … maybe its reflective – like finding out what age girls stop wanting to look older, and try to look younger ?

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