Who’s A Creepy Creeper Then?

From the corner of my bathroom window I can see across and sort of into another apartment. I didn’t start noticing this until a couple of weeks ago, by that I mean there was nothing to really notice.

One night I happened to look across and see someone standing by a window. This wasn’t that unusual but after that any time I went into my bathroom, I had a quick look and they were still there. Since then there is almost always someone at the window, which I suspect is in a kitchen or living room. Sometimes it is a woman, sometimes a man. Sometimes I think they see me, even when my lights are out.

It looks like maybe they are standing at a sink, doing the washing up, but why are they always there? What could they be washing apart from dishes? The bones of the last person who stared into their apartment?

During the day I don’t tend to look as much, I prefer the cover of darkness.

Most nights when I stand there trying to be invisible I think, who is the real creeper here? Them for mysteriously always being by that window or me for wondering why?


8 thoughts on “Who’s A Creepy Creeper Then?

  1. If this were Hollywood, you’d understand its your duty to break in there and see exactly what they are standing up doing … it could be illegal … damn reality, always getting in the way …

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