A Small Victory

I hate asking people outside of those close to me (and often including them) to do anything outside of whatever they usually do and I have mentioned before that I hate making phone calls. I got a reminder that I need a new referral to see my psychiatrist, I think referrals expire after a year or so and I had my usual panic.

First thought- did they even tell me that at my last appointment? I checked my diary and sure enough I had written down and circled “new referral”. I went into panic mode and usually in these types of situations I call my mother and ask her what to do. While she doesn’t take over, she tells me to make phone calls and offers to pick things up for me. I am so used to making a big deal out of everything but today as I was applying my makeup, I told myself I was being ridiculous and I knew what I had to do. I called my GP and asked the secretary if she could ask my GP to write a new referral. I planned on asking if they could fax it straight to my psychiatrist  but she asked me before I even had a chance. I pretended to look for the fax number (which I already had in front of me) because I didn’t want to seem like I was expecting too much of them. Then it was over. I did it. A few minutes of awkwardness and I can relax.

It’s a bloody big deal for me. I am actually proud of how I handled it all. There will always be that annoying voice which reminds me that in the past I could do things like this much more easily but I know that if I keep forcing myself to deal with things as they come up, life will be a bit more tolerable.



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