Feeling kind of okay :)

I had a busy/productive day and went on a teensy shopping spree to reward myself. I only spent around $40.

The low point of today was waking up feeling icky. I don’t know it is is medication ickiness, general ickiness or anxiety ickiness but I tamed it with a Valium and three Xanaxs. I don’t even know if they actually help nausea/feeling unwell but in my head they do (if you know that they don’t, shhhhhh, I don’t want to know!) In my head it makes total sense to just keep taking them when I am out somewhere. It’s more of a preventative measure.

The high point of the day was when a lady in a shop asked me if I was a teacher because I bought so many stickers/stationery, hahaha! This in a big improvement when it comes to how I look, often people assume I am still in High School! I laughed and told her no, I am a student and I buy stickers because I write letters to my pen pal and love to make them look pretty.

I love stickers, stationery and craft supplies and I have so many that I lose them/forget what I have and keep buying them. I don’t go out much so I think I can justify spending $40 on fun stuff. I tend to go a little nuts when I have just been paid and don’t think about things like bills and so on. They are future stunnedandstunted’s problems!

I hope this good mood lasts forever! I am sure it wont though so I just have to enjoy it while it is here.



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