Okay then, wet hair is fine.

I had a fairly casual start to the day, coffee, some breakfast and a shower. I have an appointment later so after I washed my hair, I decided to blow dry it. My blow dryer is nothing fancy and lately it was sounding a bit flat. Rather than doing it’s job efficiently, it seemed to be gasping for it’s last breath. I tend to ignore things until they are officially broken because I hope they will magically repair themselves.

The old, croaky dryer was working alright until I heard a loud bang. I thought I must have somehow hit it against something, which wasn’t really possible. I looked inside the dryer and it was glowing red and orange. Smoke started coming out and thinking it was on fire and going to explode in my hand at any second, I dropped it onto the floor.

I started to panic because I didn’t know what might happen. I didn’t want to move in case I caught on fire or got a piece of blow dryer shrapnel in me. I reached over, turned off the power point and pulled out the plug. Then I just stood there, staring at it, waiting for something to happen.

I thought about how dangerous it was and how easily I could have been injured. What would I have done if my hair caught on fire or if I got electrocuted? I imagined myself lying on the cold tiles, maybe not being discovered for days.

Eventually the blow dryer stopped smoking and seemed to cool down. It’s still lying there on my floor, I’m too scared to touch it.

At least I have something to talk about when I go to my appointment!



5 thoughts on “Okay then, wet hair is fine.

  1. Kudos to the older sister, who having a hairdrier full of talc didn’t batter her younger brother to death upon looking like Casper …. 😛 and yeah, she needed a new one too 🙂

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