Last night I was reading creepy and supposedly true stories on the internet, which was not my smartest idea and by bedtime I was more than a little spooked. I love horror and can sit through most scary movies without even flinching unless they’re about seemingly real ghosts.

I ran past the very old photos of relatives on my way to bed. Most of the time I like to think they are watching over me but last night I felt like they were just watching me; staring at me.

I couldn’t sleep for ages, I kept my lamp on and I felt like a little girl again, afraid of the dark. Everything in my bedroom looked sinister and I lay there afraid of what or who might be around me. It was all very Paranormal Activity! (For the record that is one movie I will not allow myself to watch, although I have seen Paranormal Activity 2 and found it ridiculous.)

Then I figured that if something scary wanted to watch me, it probably wouldn’t care if my lamp was on or off. Ghosts appear in the daytime too.

I turned off my lamp. Nothing happened and I fell asleep.

I don’t really know what I believe. Sometimes I am certain there are spirits or energy around. Mostly I don’t want to believe in anything but that doesn’t stop me from getting spooked.




2 thoughts on “Spooked

  1. I have to rationalise with myself, when I watch something unnerving, that if nothing paranormal happened yesterday, why would it happen just because I’ve watched a freaky film or something? Hahaha

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