A less bad person’s thoughts VS I am probably headed to a dark place

Xanax,Valium and I made the effort to visit my friend. We took flowers and lunch and we were so pleasant. I sat sort of still and made conversation like a normal person. Xanax had a top up before lunch. We loathe eating around others. I know Benzos are terrible and should probably be banned and […]

Nothing-Ever-Gets-Done Land

Welcome to Nothing-Ever-Gets-Done Land Population: 1- stunnedandstunted. Weather: Always cold, even when it’s sunny. Atmosphere: Smokey. Open some blinds, S&S! I wake up and my head fills with ideas about things I could do and things I need to do. I move slowly because there’s no rush. I like delaying tasks. Or maybe like is […]

“You’re everyone”, I say matter-of-factly. She looks flattered

“You’re everyone”, I say matter-of-factly. She looks flattered and a bit confused. “You’re my case-worker, my group leaders, you’re the psychologist who I hate… Oh but I don’t hate you.” She smiles at that. She is my main psychiatrist. “You’re everyone because you’re all the same. No one really knows what will help me.” She […]