I very rarely run late. Once I commit to a certain time, I adjust my life around it. I hate the feeling of running late and I don’t like having to rush. Other people don’t seem to follow this train of thought.

One of the worst things you can do to an anxious person is to keep them waiting. I can’t just sit and read a book or watch something. I pace around and around.

Another terrible thing to do to an anxious person is to say “I have something really important I want to discuss with you but it can wait until tomorrow.” Uh, no. It can’t wait. I’m already imagining the worst. JUST TELL ME NOW.

The latter recently occured and I might blog about that another time.

Meanwhile I am jittery as I wait for a guest who always runs late and yes, I could just assume they will be here fifteen minutes later than the quoted time but then I think- what if they actually arrive on time and I am not fully prepared?



4 thoughts on “Punctuality

  1. My daughter does that – she sends me a text saying – I’ll be ringing you in an hour to tell you three important things. I text her back saying – why can’t you tell me now??

      • She’s 20 so I spend the hour worrying about what it might be and thinking that if it was life threatening she probably would have told me right away. Sometimes she sends me a text saying she’ll ring me later but then forgets all about it.

        I am really punctual and I have friends who are not and it’s really starting to annoy me. I can never understand why people are late – if you say you’ll be there at a time you allow the time to be there at that time. We say we’ll meet somewhere and I get there then sit for about 15 minutes waiting for them to stumble in with stories about nor being able to find a lift or whatever other bla bla bla excuse they have. Now I just go late.

      • I wish I could do that too, I mean just go late. I swear whenever I happen to be running late, it’s the one time the other person is on time!
        Sometimes if people are late picking me up I acknowledge them and then take my time getting to the car, pretty passive aggressive, eh? Haha!

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