Two Sides Of A Phone Call

Side One:

I’m up early in preparation to see my psychologist. Today is going to be the day I confront her and decide if there is actually going to be any benefit from our sessions. Naturally I am extremely anxious and then I happen to notice I’ve written down two different appointment times. Shit.

I phone the secretary and tell her I need to know what time my appointment is. She puts me on hold. I become more anxious and annoyed. My thoughts transform into something like this:


The secretary returns and apologises for the wait. I tell her it’s fine. She says my psychologist is away at the moment.


I tell her no one told me she was away and that I was preparing to come in today. She apologises again and says I should have been contacted. She suggests we go over all
of my contact information but I tell her not to bother and that I’ll do that at my next appointment. She wishes me well and we hang up.

Side Two:

She answers the phone to someone who seems quite panicked and unsure of her appointment time. She knows the psychologist in question is away but needs a moment to figure out how to tell the client. She puts the client on hold.

After a lengthy wait she apologises and casually states that the psychologist is away, she then proceeds to confirm the next appointment in order to give the client something else to focus on. It doesn’t work. The client becomes quite upset. All she can do is apologise again and again. It’s not her fault the client wasn’t informed. Or perhaps it is. She decides to blame it on a technological error and asks the client to confirm her contact details. The client becomes sad and declines, saying instead that she will check her details at her next appointment.

She hopes this is the only client who hasn’t been informed of the psychologist’s whereabouts.


4 thoughts on “Two Sides Of A Phone Call

  1. i do sometimes think of what is happening on the other side of the phone call…it’s like trying to be an invisible person observing what other people might be doing and also being a mind reader.

    • Exactly, I think it helps to try to see the other side. I might be totally off track with what I think is going on but at least it helps me see another side of the story. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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