A Handshake

If this were the real world, I’d be looking for an exit. When it comes to introductions and small talk I tend to be vague and shy. I can be robbed of entire conversations mostly because when others are talking, I am willing myself to be calm and simultaneously thinking of all of the potential things which could go wrong. Sometimes I am scanning signs, searching for words within words or looking for certain colours. Other times I just don’t have the energy or desire to contribute.

This is just a blog. My anxiety will dictate what I am allowed to write. My depression will control how often I come here to express myself. Hopefully my true personality will emerge from the prison behind these words.




4 thoughts on “A Handshake

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. For me, this place has been so helpful in expressing my feelings and frustrations, especially regarding benzos. Unbelievable what we must live because of them. Be well.

  2. Not only a handshake, but warm (((hugs))) I extend to you (you know that already). 😉 ❤

    "Hopefully my true personality will emerge from the prison behind these words." You have no idea how many hearts and minds you've touched with "these words," your words. You must write, my dear, you must write. Because your destiny, I firmly believe, is written in these words.

    Recently I hit the rock bottom and couldn't remember what I wanted to look forward to. Now I'm beginning to see, albeit slowly, something again. I look forward to your healing and flight and gorgeous wings! Only, I ask of you, please don't make it difficult for me when someday I ask for an autograph! ❤

    • Melisa, that is such a kind comment! You’ve made me smile, thank you so much. I will keep writing, it helps pass the time and helps me deal with everything going on in my life. I’m so glad you’re starting to see something worth looking forward to. You’re a lovely person and you deserve all the happiness in the world! (((((hugs back at you)))))

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